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PresidentThe Open University of Japan was established in 1983 by the government. As stated in our university's name, the courses offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts are open for anybody to enroll as there is no entrance selection. Though there is no entrance examination, students' academic performance is strictly evaluated through credit awarding exams. Many of our students are working, or supporting their families, while studying and paying for their tuition on their own. It could be said that OUJ graduates are highly accomplished.

In addition to the Master's programs established in 2001, we began Doctoral programs of the School of Graduate Studies in 2014. The OUJ's Doctoral program is based not only on state-of-the-art research, but also on a unique concept of Liberal Arts education which seeks to develop human mind, while providing these courses through distance education and aiming to develop human resources with leadership qualities in the region and in the society to which the students belong.

Overall, OUJ provides a wide variety of courses at a high academic standard, but we expect our faculty members to be more interactive. To enhance the quality of their interaction with students, the Internet should be utilized more effectively. For this objective in mind, we have made almost all of the courseware available through the Internet to enable the students to study anytime, anywhere as long as they have the Internet connection. With this system, students can submit their reports through the Internet, and furthermore, the lecturers and students can exchange their opinions through an electronic bulletin board system.

In 2012, we adopted Moodle (online learning management system) as our learning platform. Furthermore, in 2013, we contributed to the establishment of JMOOC (Japan Massive Open Online Courses) and we are playing a core role by offering several courses for JMOOC through our original platform. In the academic year of 2014, we have started interactive online lectures in which students can actively participate. We will continue our efforts to raise the quality of education at OUJ. Please look forward to our further developments in the future.

President Yoichi Okabe

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