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Visitor from SRH Fernhochschule The Mobile University

On June 9th 2017, OUJ received the researcher, Professor Christine Schimek from SRH Fernhochschule, The Mobile University in Germany.

SRH Fernhochschule is the distance education institution established in 1996 and has the characteristics of functioning as vocational training targeted at working adults.

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Delegation from The National Open University (Taiwan)

The delegation consisting of three researchers from The National Open University (NOU) have visited the headquarters of OUJ, Chiba and Saitama Study Centers on 2nd June, 2017

Last year, OUJ and NOU have renewed the MOU which was concluded originally in 1993, to facilitate mutual friendship, academic research and educational cooperation between the two institutions.

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Delegation from Hunan Radio and TV University

Led by Vice President Jianjun Liu, the delegation consisting of five researchers from Hunan Radio and TV University visited OUJ on 1st June, 2017.

Hunan Radio and TV University is a public open university in China established in 1979 and has 20 branch campuses, one of which is operated directly and the rest are jointly managed by the local institutions, where more than 145,000 students are studying as of the end of 2016.

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Vice President Attended ICDE Leadership Summit 2017

Hosted by LORIA at Université de Lorraine, ICDE Leadership Summit 2017 was held at Nancy, France from 22-23 May 2017 with the theme “Leadership: when transforming education through learning analytics and adaptive learning”.

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