Broadcasting Program Production

OUJ Headquarters is fully equipped to produce and transmit broadcast lectures. Faculty members, directors, and camera operators work together to produce high-quality broadcast lectures that are transmitted by technical specialists.


The library's service is based on the concept of distance education and the library stores the reference books for OUJ courses. In addition to reference books, the library carries textbooks, DVDs, and CDs for the OUJ broadcasting programs. The inventory of books comprises about 360,000 volumes. There are also about 78,000 e-books available to OUJ students that can be accessed from their smartphones or PCs.

Center for Online Education

The Center for Online Education (COE) was established in April 2017, with the objective of promoting education at OUJ based on ICT. To forge a new era for OUJ, the center is focusing on research and development, and has established three research groups for evaluation, content development, and the online learning environment, as well as R&D projects to explore new content.

Research Institute for Learning and Education Strategies

RILES was established in April 2018 to utilize the large volume of educational data accumulated in OUJ. Specifically, RILES focuses on the following two missions:

(1) Conducting research to pursue better methods of learning and teaching, making practical use of the outcomes

(2) Information gathering and analyzing to improve our management, making practical use of the outcomes

By conducting the above, OUJ will attempt to improve and expand our education system and management, which may also contribute to enhancement and improvement of higher education in Japan.

Support Office for Students with Disabilities

The support office was established in 2016 in order to ensure equal access to education for all OUJ students with disabilities, and to support OUJ faculty and staff who strive to improve students' learning environments.

Seminar House

The Seminar House was built to promote communication between the students and the faculty members of OUJ through research, study and field work, as well as other related activities. The facility also provides accommodations for students and the faculty of OUJ.