Faculty of Liberal Arts

The Faculty of Liberal Arts at OUJ offers courses in a wide range of academic fields to meet the diverse needs of students and the general public, so as to broaden their education and deepen their knowledge in specialized fields that are related to their real lives.

The following six areas of study are being offered. The students enrolled to acquire a bachelor's degree are to select one area of study and earn more than 124 credits including the minimum of 20 credits earned through schooling and/or online courses.

Department of Liberal Arts: Six areas of study

Living and Welfare

Create sustainable, high quality of life by cultivating a deep understanding of food, clothing, and shelter; family; health; and welfare.

Psychology and Education

Understand various issues related to human psychology and its development through their relationship with modern society. Learn key knowledge and approaches necessary to support psychological development and education, with the aim of actualizing a sustainable society.

Society and Industry

Acquire the knowledge and skills to live in a sustainable and prosperous society by understanding the basic mechanisms governing a society and industry in flux.

Humanities and Culture

Deepen understanding of thought, literature, and the arts, and explore the history of the characteristics and development of modern civilization, as well as local cultures and societies.


Master concepts and knowledge relating to information and IT, which are essential for people living in highly information-oriented societies.

Nature and Environment

Cultivate the capacity to take action and decisions contributing to a sustainable future by scientifically learning about aspects of nature and acquiring deeper understanding of their intrinsic qualities, as well as recognizing the relationship between human activities and nature.

Student Categories

  • Regular Students: Enroll to graduate with an academic degree

  • Non-Degree Students: Enroll in subjects of interest for a semester/year
    (For career advancement, social contribution, lifelong learning, or academic research)

  • Credit Transfer Students: Enroll to acquire credits at OUJ and transfer to affiliated universities, colleges, or schools

Basic Requirements to Enroll in Courses Offered at OUJ:

* Non-Japanese can apply to OUJ for enrollment as regular students as long as they live in Japan and have a certificate of status of residence. Enrollment in OUJ would not meet the requirements for getting student visas for OUJ's status as a correspondence education institution in Japan.

* All students who wish to enroll at OUJ must also have a high level of competency in Japanese as all the courses are conducted in Japanese.

* For further information, please go through our website for admissions (Japanese Only)