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Broadcasting System

OUJ's facilities include the number of equipments for producing television and radio broadcast lectures. There are three TV and three radio studios where more than 1,200 broadcast lecture programs are produced every year. OUJ's recorded TV and radio lecture programs are broadcasted from the OUJ's transmission facilities, from early morning till late night, throughout the nation. At present, most radio lecture programs and some TV lecture programs are also available online as on demand video.


The library's service is based on the concept of distance education and owns books that were used for reference in the programs. In addition to printed books, the library carries text books, DVDs and CDs of the OUJ broadcasting programs. The library was built in 1990, a three story building with an audio visual room, designed to provide a space of intelligence and silence. The users can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring. Items held at the OUJ could be searched by OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) reference service, and items that the OUJ does not carry could be searched through the Academic Information Database of the National Institute of Informatics. Inventory books are about 340,000, with the books housed in other libraries located at study centers nationwide, the number is more than 780,000. There are also about 64,000 e-books available to the OUJ students that could be accessed from their smartphones or PCs.

Seminar House

The Seminar House was built to promote communication between the students and the faculty members of OUJ through research, study and field work, as well as other related activities. The facility also provides accommodations for students and visitors of OUJ.

Center for Online Education

With the mission to produce and operate online education on a full-scale, and to build an integrated cooperative system consisting of the administrative and faculty staff, Center for Online Education was established in 2017.

Support Office for Students with Disabilities

In order to guarantee fair education for all OUJ students with disables, and to support OUJ faculty and staffs who make efforts for improving learning and students’ life environment, the support office was established in 2016.

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