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President’s Message

PresidentSince its establishment in 1983, the Open University of Japan (OUJ) has grown to become the largest distance education university in Japan with its own broadcasting station and study centers across the country. As an open university, OUJ has an open admission policy in its undergraduate programs and so far nearly 1.5 million students have studied at OUJ. OUJ is playing a central role in providing higher education and lifelong learning to anybody in Japan from every walk of life who wishes to take on the challenge of taking a formal university education at his and her convenience.

Through broadcasting and online learning systems as well as face-to-face classroom teaching, we aim to foster academic knowledge and skills among our students. The OUJ faculty members are experts in their respective areas of study and we are committed to provide students with general education which will become the basis for their life endeavors and to meet the various needs for them to learn throughout their lives.

Making our students at the center of our services, we are pushing the university to a higher level in providing quality educational services. We have implemented various quality assurance mechanisms for our broadcasting and print materials. We are now in the process of developing a new quality assurance mechanism in which online educational contents and services are assessed to meet the students’ demands within sustainable financial and administrative frameworks.

During my tenure as a president, I am planning to explore the possibilities of integrating broadcasting, online and on-site teaching and learning for equipping our students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable them to successfully deal with the issues associated with continuous progress of the society and to advance their own well-being.

It is a great privilege for me to be the president of The Open University of Japan in this transformative period, and to contribute to this university’s further growth in the future. I would like to ask your continuous support to build an exciting future for the university together.

President Shin Kisugi

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