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School of Graduate Studies

OUJ established the School of Graduate Studies Master’s Program in 2001 and the Ph.D. Program in 2014.

The following seven / six areas of study are being offered for Master’s Program / Ph.D. Program.

Master's Program 7 Programs

  • Human Life and Health Sciences
  • Sciences of Human Development and Education
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Social Governance
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Informatics
  • Natural and Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. Program 6 Programs

  • Human Life and Health Sciences
  • Human Sciences
  • Social Governance
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Natural Sciences
  • Informatics

Student Categories

1. Regular Students: Enroll to graduate with an academic degree

2. Non-Degree Students: Enroll in subjects of interest for a semester/year
(For career advancement, social contribution, lifelong learning, or academic research)

3. Credit Transfer Students: Enroll to acquire credits at OUJ and transfer to affiliated universities, colleges, or schools

Basic Requirements to Enroll in Courses Offered at OUJ:

  • * Non-Japanese can apply to OUJ for enrollment as regular students as long as they live in Japan and have a certificate of status of residence. Enrollment in OUJ would not meet the requirements for getting student visas for OUJ’s status as a correspondence education institution in Japan.
  • * All students who wish to enroll at OUJ must also have a high level of competency in Japanese as all the courses are conducted in Japanese.
  • * For further information, please go through our website for admissions (Japanese Only).
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