Symposium FY 2021


The purposes of the seminar are (1) to disseminate the new UNESCO OER Recommendation to Japanese stakeholders and (2) to share the latest OER activities especially focusing on OER technologies. The seminar title is "New UNESCO OER Recommendation and OER technologies".

Organization of the conference

The conference is consisted of 4 recorded lectures (15 min each) and Online Panel Discussion and Q&A session (max, 90 min). The interactive online session will be scheduled on March 14, 2022.


Hosted by: The Open University of Japan
Supported by: Open Education Japan, AXIES-CSD, JMOOC


Part 1: Recorded Lectures (w/English transcription and Japanese translation texts)

Part 2: Online Panel Discussion and Q&A session (with simultaneous interpretation service between Japanese and English)

Tsuneo Yamada, Professor and Advisor for OUJ President, OUJ (and Executive Board member of IMS Japan Society)

Panel Discussants:

Invited speakers:


  • Opening Remarks (Prof. Masaya Iwanaga, President of OUJ) [5min]

  • The essences of video lectures [10min each]
    Ms. Zeynep Varoglu, UNESCO
    Mr. Neil Butcher, OER Africa
    Dr. Lisa Petrides, ISKME
    Dr. Mitja Jermol, J. Stefan Institute

  • "Report on Japanese MOOCs and Questions" (Prof. Yoshiaki Fukazawa, Waseda University and JMOOC) [10min]

  • "Report on Japanese OERs and open education and Questions" (Dr. Katsusuke Shigeta, Hokkaido University and Open Educations Japan) [10min]

  • Discussion and Q&A [20 min]

The simultaneous interpretation service between Japanese and English is available at Online Panel Discussion and Q&A session.

Please contact OUJ International Affairs Section Secretariat if you have any questions.